The Breaking Point: Use Caution around Exposed Volt Windshield

When the Dash Upper Extension Panel Opening Cover on the 2016 Volt is removed, be sure to use caution working around the exposed windshield. Contacting the bottom edge of the windshield may cause the glass to chip, crack or break. (Fig. 12)


F12 Windshield

Fig. 12


TIP: The lower part of the windshield is not supported by the body structure. It cannot support a technician’s weight when leaning on the lower edge of the windshield while performing repairs. The glass also may crack if the exposed edge of the windshield is hit with a ratchet or other tool.


With the opening cover removed, along with the Front Suspension Strut House Brace, (Fig. 13) it is recommended to slide a 3-ft. (0.9 m) piece of 5/16-inch rubber hose, cut along its length, along the edge of the windshield to prevent any accidental damage. (Fig. 14) Remove the hose before reinstalling the opening cover, and save it for the next repair.


F13 panel opening cover

Fig. 13


F14 hose

Fig. 14


Damage to the windshield during a repair is not considered a warranty item.


– Thanks to Chuck Wieseckel

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