Proper Fastener Torque Check on Internal Battery Repairs

During internal high voltage battery repairs on hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s critical to always double check the torque of all fasteners and follow all warnings and cautions covered in the appropriate Service Information.


High voltage fasteners are identified in the Service Information along with a note to perform a second torque verification check following re-assembly. (Fig. 10)


F10 fastener note

Fig. 10


Failure to properly torque these fasteners may result in increased resistance, which produces heat that can lead to damage to the battery. This damage may be due to a prior repair attempt and may not be covered under warranty.


For example, when reinstalling the Battery Bulkhead Disconnect Unit (BDU) on 2011-2015 Volts, double check that the fasteners are torqued to the proper specification. Otherwise, the result may be damage to the bus bar or other components. (Fig. 11)


F11 Volt fastener 2Fig. 11

– Thanks to Keith Newbury, Steve Falko and Chuck Wieseckel

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