Data Bus Diagnostic Tool Update

The latest version of Data Bus Diagnostic Tool software has been recently released to help technicians better locate wiring and connector concerns in a vehicle’s Controlled Area Network (CAN) bus.


DBDT version 1.3 can now monitor up to four buses (two single and two dual) at one time. A dialog box will appear after the start button is clicked, allowing the user to make a selection.


The old Data Circuit and Baud Rate menus also have been removed and a new column has been added to the module table. (Fig. 4)


F04 DBDT data circuit

Fig. 4

The new software enables the MDI to run a sampling rate of 10,000 Hz, which is 25 times faster than the previous version. This allows for far greater accuracy when identifying bus conditions. The impact of this change can be seen when looking at the data points of the previous approach and the new approach using the MDI and MDI 2. (Fig. 5)


F05 DBDT image

Fig. 5

The Data Bus Diagnostic Tool also now has a faster startup time. Other enhancements include sortable columns and Message Monitor visual improvements. Class 2 is now supported as well.


The updated software can be downloaded by opening GDS 2 through TIS2Web.


– Thanks to Chris Henley

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