System Software Makes Accessory Installation Easier

The installation of some Limited Production Option (LPO) accessories is now made easier at the dealership thanks to the system software being installed in the vehicle during production.


The GM Accessories Remote Start kit for the 2016 Malibu (VIN Z), for example, does not require any programming if the vehicle was ordered with the kit (RPO S6P).


If the vehicle was built with RPO S6P, it was produced with the correct system software so a call to the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) for a calibration is not required. Completing installation of the remote start kit only involves learning the new transmitters (key fobs) to the vehicle. Refer to the accessory installation instructions in the appropriate Service Information for more information.


TIP: Before installation, verify the vehicle has the correct software by checking the VIN and the required RPOs in the Investigate Vehicle History system.


Look for other models in the future to also have the system software installed for LPO accessories. The Sport Light Bar Kit for 2016 full-size trucks is another example.


With this new built-in functionality, it’s recommended to always check the IVH system before installing accessories or calling TCSC.


– Thanks to Matt Singer and Dallas Walton


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