New GM Accessories Information Center Website

The new GM Accessories Information Center gives technicians easy access to all the details on a variety of vehicle accessories — from ambient lighting to wheel lock kits — all in one place.


The new website, (Fig. 8), is available through GM GlobalConnect and enables users to look for all accessories by division, model, year and trim level, or to search by part number. If you’re not sure about the applications of a particular accessory, the Accessories Information Center is a good place to start.


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Fig. 8


Search Results


Searching by model will provide a list of available accessories, including interior, exterior, performance, security and wheel accessories.


The part search information results provide the current part status, marketing information, engineering information and the model applications. For example, searching for part number 92248560 shows that the ground effects package applies to several 2010-2013 Camaro models. (Fig. 9)


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Fig. 9


Catalogs and Marketing Materials


Divisional and model accessory materials and information are readily obtainable by clicking the Accessories Reference Catalogs link on the home page. It includes associated accessory information, marketing materials, model launch kits and reference catalogs for most 2014 and later GM cars and trucks.


Training Assistance


Training videos and PDFs covering installation procedures also can be downloaded from the website by clicking the Tools menu and selecting Training. The available information can help with the installation of various accessory items, such as ground effects and ladder racks.


Customize Your Experience


Just like the customization that GM accessories provide, the website also can be customized by each user, so the home page features the topics that mean the most to you, such as Training or Accessories Search.


Click the Customize Homepage link at the bottom of the home page to display a menu of website modules. The selected modules will appear across the bottom of the home page.


– Thanks to Matt Singer and Mike Magyar




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