Sound from Steering when Driving over Bumps

There may be a rattle or clunk sound coming from the front of some 2015-2016 Colorado and Canyon models when driving over bumps. Upon inspection, this sound may be isolated to the lower steering intermediate shaft.


A redesigned intermediate shaft has been released to address this condition. Replace the lower steering intermediate shaft with new part number 84039333. Refer to the appropriate Service Information.


Before removing the steering intermediate shaft from the steering column (Fig. 18), the steering wheel must be secured in position before disconnecting the steering column, intermediate shaft and steering gear. Do not rotate the steering wheel or move the front tires or wheels. Any movement may cause possible damage to the SIR coil.


TIP: Prior to steering intermediate shaft reassembly, remove the plastic insert located at the bottom of the steering intermediate shaft.


F18 i-shaft

Fig. 18


– Thanks to Ken Cole

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