Forward Lamp Harness Water Intrusion

On some 2016 Camaros equipped with the 3.6L engine (RPO LGX) and without the Track Performance package (RPO Y4Q), the engine cooling fan may intermittently stop working and the Check Engine lamp may illuminate. DTCs P0480 (Cooling Fan Speed Output Circuit) or P0691 (Cooling Fan Speed Output Circuit Low Voltage) may set. These conditions may be caused by water intrusion into the forward lamp wiring harness.


If the engine is continually running with an inoperative cooling fan, the engine may overheat, causing severe engine component damage.


If the harness is stretched or side loaded, where the cooling fan module connector plugs in, water may be allowed to wick down the harness, past the weather pack seals, and into the connector. Over time, the terminals inside the connector as well as the harness may become corroded. (Fig. 16) As the corrosion builds, the engine cooling fan may become inoperative.


F16 connectors

Fig. 16


Inspect the forward lamp wiring harness to cooling fan module connector for moisture and corrosion. If any is found, the fan control module and forward lamp harness should be replaced. If no moisture or corrosion is found, refer to the appropriate Service Information for additional diagnostic information.


TIP: If the harness is replaced, only one harness is needed per vehicle. Use the appropriate harness based on the vehicle headlamp type.


– Thanks to Matt Bierlein

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