New TAC Phone Prompts Speed Service

Nothing is more valuable to technicians than time. That’s why the U.S. GM Technical Assistance Center (TAC) phone prompts are designed to quickly get callers to the appropriate group when calling.


Based on feedback from Detroit-area dealers, Dealer Fixed Operations Advisory Board (DFOAB) dealers, and Service Manager Surveys, TAC recently made the following changes to the phone prompts:

• Removed unnecessary layers and selections

• Clearly identified the need for a TAC consultant (vehicle concerns) vs. a Techline consultant (module programming, error codes, VCI, GDS 2, Tech 2 concerns)

• Reordered the prompts to be similar to TAC call volume, so higher volume call types are at the beginning of the phone prompts

• Renamed several prompts to include the names of common call types, such as radio, OnStar, transmission, steering, and suspension.

• Removed dedicated phone prompts for older vehicle support and listed the names of the typical Medium Duty Truck models supported by TAC



These enhancements will be included in phase 1 of the TAC call prompt updates that will be implemented in mid-March. Additional enhancements/phases are also being considered.


Printable Phone Prompts Chart


All of the updates are highlighted in the prompt chart, which can be printed as a quick reference. The latest TAC phone prompt chart (Fig. 7) is also accessible via the Service Forms section of the GlobalConnect Service tab and the latest version of Bulletin #08-00-89-014.


F07 tac prompts

Fig. 7


Action Centers


TAC Action Centers are put in place to provide special support to the launch of new GM models. Specially trained TAC consultants handle Action Center calls. As these TAC cases are created, Action Center facilitators work closely with GM Brand Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing to understand the causes of each case.


When a new TAC Action Center is created to support the launch of a new model, a related GlobalConnect message is sent to dealerships announcing the new model launch and TAC Action Center. For assistance on one of these new models, select the #2 Action Center Prompt in order to be routed to a specially trained TAC consultant.


– Thanks to Jamie Parkhurst and Elizabeth Belland

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