GDS 2 Update Released

A number of changes to GDS 2 covering MDI and MDI 2 connections as well as graphing features are included in the recently released GDS 2 version 15.0. Here’s a summary of the changes you’ll see in the latest GDS 2 software.




The latest release includes multiple changes to the GDS 2 preferences. The column widths and locations of all tables in GDS 2 can be retained if the Save Modified Column Width and Order box is checked under the Column Width and Order setting. To reset the column width and order and clear the personalized table settings, press the Reset button. (Fig. 2)


F02 preference settings

Fig. 2


Vehicle Selection


The vehicle selection screen is now integrated with a new version of device explorer, which allows users to switch the J234 device type (MDI) more efficiently. The Device Type tab has been moved from the preferences settings to the vehicle selection screen. If any connection issues are detected, it will display an error message.


The device explorer is launched using the Select Device button. It also makes connections to the MDI/MDI 2 if the device is connected via USB.


When a device is connected, the device type name will be displayed at the top of the Vehicle Selection screen and in the lower right of the status bar. (Fig. 3) If an MDI or MDI 2 is connected, the device type name and a serial number is shown.


To select a different device, disconnect the device by clicking the Disconnect button. (Fig. 3)


F03 select device

Fig. 3


Data Display


Under the Data Display applications, the order of parameters is retained for the duration of a diagnostic session. Click the Reset Parameter Order button to resort the parameter list in the default order.


A new Change Scale button has been added under the Line Graph tab. A new editor allows users to type in min/max values (Y axis value) for each line graphed parameter. (Fig. 4)


F04 line graph

Fig. 4


DTC Applications


In the DTC applications, DLC Pin information has been added to the output. If the J2534 device does not support the required pins, the status indicates that the pins are not supported. (Fig. 5)


F05 DLC pin

Fig 5


The HTML report for the vehicle-wide DTC test lists all electronic control units (ECU) being tested, even if DTCs are not stored. New timestamp information also is included in the Report Creation Date.


The HTML reports also have the following new information listed in the header: VCI Serial Number, Vehicle Session Creation Date, Test Start Time, and Slider Position Time.


To ensure you are using the updated GDS 2 software, open GDS 2 through TIS2Web.


For assistance, contact the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) at 1-800-828-6860 (English) or 1-800-503-3222 (French).


– Thanks to Chris Henley

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