2016 GM Globally Approved Refinish Materials Manual Now Available

The 2016 GM Globally Approved Refinish Materials Manual is now available in the Service Information.


Each year, GM evaluates and tests new paint systems and new or improved products. The paint systems that pass this annual testing process are published in GM Globally Approved Refinish Materials Manual.


The manual can be viewed by clicking the “Select and view a Unit Repair, Specialty Publication, or Transmission Technical Guide” link on the Service Information home page. On the Unit Repair Manual page, the 2016 GM Globally Approved Refinish Materials Manual is listed under the Performance Parts Manuals on the bottom-left of the page. (Fig. 10)


F10 manual

Fig. 10


TIP: This manual is available on the Genuine GM Parts website for access by sublet body shops.


GM was the first domestic car company to set a specification for aftermarket paint finishes. Dealerships are required to use only materials and methods that meet GM Standard GMW15406 when repairing, replacing, or refinishing vehicles. The products listed in the manual have been approved by GM following a thorough, standardized test process to meet the GMW15406M Specification.


The manual provides additional information on paint manufacturers that have met the GM standard as well as detailed information about approved refinish materials. (Fig. 11)


F11 paint
Fig. 11

– Thanks to Robert Hiser

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