Upper and Lower Oil Pan Parts Restriction

The upper oil pan (part number 12637301) (Fig. 23) and lower oil pan (part number 12637773) (Fig. 24) used on 2016 Encore, Cruze, Malibu, Spark and 2016-2017 Volt models equipped with engine RPO L3A, LE2, LFV or LV7 is on part restriction.


F23 oil pan upper

Fig. 23


F24 oil pan lower

Fig. 24


Before performing any repairs, inspect for an engine oil leak. If the leak appears to be from an area of the engine other than the oil pan, follow the appropriate Service Information diagnostics.


If the leak appears to be from the oil pan area, do not remove the lower oil pan from the upper oil pan. Take a clear photo of the oil leak as observed. Next, clean the affected area and add engine oil dye. Run the engine until the oil leak dye can be detected.


If the leak is confirmed to be at the upper or lower oil pan, mark the location of the oil leak on the oil pan by circling the leak or drawing an arrow pointing to the leak. Take a clear photo of the leak. Contact the Product Quality Center to order parts.


– Thanks to Raymond Haglund

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