Vented and Non-Vented Slip Yokes

Technicians diagnosing a transmission fluid leak from the rear of the transmission on 2014-2016 Silverado and Sierra 2WD models may notice the fluid is coming from the plug in the propeller shaft slip yoke.


2WD trucks use a vented slip yoke that has a small hole in the plug. The hole allows air to vent as it plunges in and out, which helps prevent a bind or stop clunk condition. The vented slip yoke is sealed by a propeller shaft oil seal sleeve on the output shaft of the transmission. (Fig. 14)

F14 slip yoke trans

Fig. 14


If fluid is leaking out of the hole in the vented slip yoke on a 2WD truck, the propeller shaft oil seal sleeve has failed and needs to be replaced, not the slip yoke.


In addition, be sure not to replace a vented slip yoke (Fig. 15, A) with a non-vented slip yoke (Fig. 15, B) that is used on 4WD vehicles. This is not the proper repair for the leaking seal and it will cause a bind condition in the slip yoke as it fills with transmission fluid.


F15 slip yokes image

Fig. 15


– Thanks to Kevin Minor

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