Be Aware of Engineering Information Bulletins and Part Restrictions

Technicians should always check the appropriate Service Information, including Preliminary Information and Bulletins, before every repair to ensure they are following the latest procedures, using the correct part numbers and are aware of any new information that may have been recently released regarding diagnosis, repairs, or components that may currently be on exchange or part restriction.


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It’s also important to run a Global Warranty Management/Investigate Vehicle History (GWM/IVH) link on the vehicle. If the vehicle has been flagged for Engineering Information, it will be identified in the search.


Engineering Information


To help obtain specific information about repair processes and component failures first hand from technicians, GM uses an “Engineering Information” (EI) process. This enables GM to gain critical information that can be used to help determine the “root cause” of a vehicle condition as well as develop and validate a repair.


The EI process compensates the dealership/technician for their time and effort to provide the technical information. The EI process is covered in Bulletin #04-00-89-053F.


Exchanges and Part Restrictions


Parts that are placed on restriction or exchange, as part of GM’s ongoing quality improvement process, require technicians to contact the GM Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or, in some cases, receive replacement authorization from the Product Quality Center (PQC). New parts that are available only in limited quantities also may be placed on restriction.


When calling TAC or PQC, a variety of supporting information is required to ensure the proper diagnosis and repairs are being made and parts are not being replaced unnecessarily. If the replacement part is authorized, it’s shipped for next day arrival. The part on restriction may need to be shipped back for analysis.


Exchanges and part restrictions can end at any time based on a number of factors. Again, check the Service Information for the latest information before making repairs and to determine if it’s necessary to set aside parts for return.


For more information about the process for exchanges and part restrictions, refer to Bulletins #02-07-30-029Z, #12-07-30-001E, #99-00-89-019M and #08-08-44-029F


New List of Information


To help dealerships stay up-to-date, following is a list of current EI Processes, Exchanges and Part Restrictions now in effect.


The information on this list is updated regularly, so check the Service Information often to ensure you have the latest information.


– Thanks to Dave Peacy

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