Engine Stop/Start Operation after Repairs

The automatic engine Stop/Start system (RPO KL9) (Fig. 15) may be inoperable after repairs on some 2016 Encore, Envision, ATS, CTS, CT6, Cruze (VIN B), Malibu (VIN Z) and 2017 XT5 and Acadia models.



Fig. 15


The Stop/Start system is inoperable after a Stop/Start repair or any repair that required the 12V battery negative cable to be disconnected. There will not be any Driver Information Center messages or any DTCs set.


This condition is due to the learn procedure that needs to be completed on the Battery Sensor Module. It will be necessary to park the vehicle for three hours after the vehicle’s system sleep cycle, and without the vehicle being driven, to allow the learn procedure to be completed on the Battery Sensor Module.


If the vehicle is being returned to the customer before the learn procedure has been completed, advise the customer that the Stop/Start system will not operate until the vehicle has sat for three hours undisturbed after the system sleep cycle.


– Thanks to Dallas Walton

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