Steering Wheel Airbag Removal

The steering wheel airbag on 2016-2017 Malibu and Volt models is secured using spring fasteners. These fasteners can be accessed from access holes behind the steering wheel on both sides of the wheel.


The removal procedure for the airbag has been updated. Here is the new procedure.


1.     Disconnect the battery and wait 20 seconds before beginning the removal procedure.

2.     Locate the two access holes on the back of each side of the steering wheel, located at approximately 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock. (Fig. 13: A. Airbag, B. Access holes)


F13 airbag image 1

Fig. 13


3.     Insert two 3mm or 1/8-inch Allen wrenches into each access hole. (Fig. 14) A screw driver is too large and will not clear the metal guides inside the access holes.


F14 airbag image 2

Fig 14

4.     Slide the Allen wrenches through the metal guides (shown in green) inside the access holes until they bottom out against the retaining fasteners. (Fig. 15) The guides will properly position the wrenches against the fasteners. Do not wiggle or force the wrenches.


F15 airbag image 3

Fig. 15


5.     Once the wrenches contact the retaining fasteners (Fig. 16), apply pressure straight inward simultaneously to push the spring fasteners inward and disengage the airbag from the steering wheel. This will release all three airbag attachments.


F16 airbag image 4

Fig. 16


6.     Carefully rotate the top of the airbag down until it is horizontal to the steering wheel. Release the Connector Position Assurance (CPA) retainer (Fig. 17, D) and disconnect the electrical connectors to remove the airbag.


F17 airbag image 5

Fig. 17


– Thanks to Dallas Walton and Chuck Wieseckel

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    Yes, it’s the same process for the 2018 Equinox.

  2. Good information! Is it the same for a 2018. Equinox?