Night Vision Working in Daylight or Inoperative

The Night Vision feature (Fig. 13) on some 2016 CT6 models may be on during daylight hours, or it may be inoperative and a Service Night Vision System message may be displayed on the Driver Information Center.



Fig. 13


Daylight Condition


The Night Vision Manufacture Enable Counter (MEC) may be set too high, which causes the needed parameter inputs that send information to the module for operation to be ignored.


Monitor the MEC counter using the Identification Information screen on GDS 2. Cycle the ignition switch to decrement the MEC. Once the MEC is at zero, the Night Vision system will only work when the ambient light status message reports it is dark.


Inoperative Condition


If a DTC is set in the Night Vision module, follow the appropriate Service Information diagnostic procedure.


If there not any DTCs set, inspect the Night Vision video cable connection at the back of the instrument panel cluster. Remove the cluster and check that the cable connection is securely inserted into the back of the cluster.


– Thanks to Blake Streling


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