Special Programming Instructions for Service Replacement Radios

A new service replacement radio has been released for 2014-2016 Encore, Verano, Camaro, Caprice, Cruze, Equinox, Malibu, Orlando, SS, Volt, Terrain; and 2016 Cascada models equipped with Radio RPOs UFU, UFU/UP9 or UHQ/UP9. Due to this change, the radio part number received may not be the same part number as the one that was ordered. In addition, certain service replacement radios do not require USB programming.


If USB programming is attempted on a replacement radio that does not require USB programming, SPS error code E4411 or E2907 will be displayed in TIS2Web and the USB programming will be prevented.


The following service replacement radios do not require USB programming at this time: 42481354, 84062099, 84062126, 84064072, 84064073, 84064074, 84064075, 84064076, 84064077, 84073998, 84156022, 84156023, 84156665, 84156666, 84156669, 84156924, 84159089, 84159090, 84159093, and 84159094.


Skip the usual USB programming instructions that are outlined in the Service Information procedure for these service replacement radios and only perform SPS programming with TIS2Web. For any other service replacement radios, follow the normal Service Information instructions to install and program the radio.


TIP: The listed Chevrolet service replacement radios will have a new start-up screen (Fig. 17), which is a design characteristic of these new Chevrolet radios.



Fig. 17


– Thanks to Jamie Parkhurst

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