Truck and Snow Plow Headlamp Flicker

When equipped with snow plow equipment (Fig. 8), the headlamps of the truck or snow plow may flicker or be inoperative on some 2014 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models and 2015-2017 Silverado and Sierra models. This condition may occur on either the left or right lamp assembly. DTCs B2575 (Headlamps Control Circuit) and B2699 (Right Headlamp Control Circuit) may be set.


F08 snow plow

Fig. 8


Some snow plow manufacturers offer a headlamp changeover module for switching between the truck’s headlamps and the snow plow’s headlamps. Depending on the type of headlamps on the truck and how they are controlled, the headlamp changeover module may not operate correctly with the truck’s headlamp system, which can cause either or both of the truck and/or snow plow headlamps to flicker during changeover.


This condition is not related to the truck’s headlamp system. Contact the snow plow manufacturer for information on the headlamp changeover system.


Additional information can be found on the GM Upfitter website at Under the Technical Bulletin tab, click “Show all bulletins” and select UI Bulletin 116 Snow Plow Lamp Activation.


GM Upfitter Website


The GM Upfitter Integration website — — offers a variety of valuable information and assistance for technicians and other personnel. (Fig. 9)


F09 upfitter website image

Fig. 9


Here, you’ll find body builder manuals; technical bulletins covering design changes, upfitter modifications and other issues; generic Incomplete Vehicle Documents (IVD) for Chevrolet Express, Silverado, Colorado and GMC Savana, Sierra, Canyon and others, and best practice manuals with engineering recommendations and guidelines for Special Vehicle Manufacturers. There is also a section on FAQs as well as links to some helpful sites, such as GM Fleet, Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles, GM Mobility and more.


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