Sort It Out — New Service Information Table Sorting Features

The GM Service Information has implemented a number of new features recently designed to make it easier and more efficient to quickly access the information needed in the service bay every day.


Table Sorting


One of these new features is the ability to now sort the tables of the Master Electrical Component List. The list provides the component code, name, option code, location of the component on the vehicle, a link to the locator view, and links to related connector end views.


Users can now sort any column by selecting the directional arrows at the top of each column heading. (Fig. 7)


F07 MEC list 1

Fig. 7


The table also can be filtered by inputting a search word in the box at the top of the column. For example, under the Name column, enter “transfer” to filter the results with transfer in the name. (Fig. 8)


F08 MEC list 2

Fig. 8


Labor Time Guide Search


Another new feature of the Service Information is the Labor Time Guide search function. Use the search function to find a labor time by the labor operation number. Select “Titles” in the search box and then enter the labor operation number. The corresponding labor time guide will be displayed. (Fig. 9)


F09 LTG sort

Fig. 9


– Thanks to Lisa Scott

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