New Essential Tool GE-52200 Propulsion System Lift

The new GE-52200 Propulsion System Lift table (Fig. 1) is designed for the removal/installation of electrical vehicle batteries as well as engines, transmission, transaxles, fuel tanks, suspensions, cradles and chassis system components.


Chevrolet Bolt EV dealerships are the first recipients of the GE-52200 lift table. All other U.S./Canadian dealerships will begin receiving the table as an essential tool in late 2017 or early 2018.


F01 lift table 1

Fig. 1


The air/hydraulic lift table has a capacity of 1,760 lbs. (798 kg) and a maximum lift height of 70 inches (178 cm), which can be actuated with a foot control pump. (Fig. 2) Connecting to shop air requires a quick connect fitting (not included).


F02 lift table air

Fig. 2


It features a 60/40 split table top that allows powertrains to be separated while mounted to the table. (Fig. 3) The length of the table is adjusted by releasing the pins and sliding the table in or out. It automatically locks into position at several set points.


F03 lift table top

Fig. 3

The lift handle can be quickly attached to either side of the lift using quick-release pins. The lift table also is easy to move around the service bay. The 360-degree swivel casters have integrated foot butterfly locks and detent locks for directional movement control. (Fig. 4)


F04 lift table caster

Fig. 4


This Lift Table Promotional PDF provides additional information.


Bolt EV High-Voltage Battery Removal


During removal of the high-voltage battery pack (also referred to as the drive motor battery), vehicle weight will be redistributed. Secure the vehicle to the lift/hoist arms with straps so that the vehicle does not become unstable on the hoist. Also support the vehicle with jack stands at the opposite end from which any major components are removed.


There is a Center of Gravity (C.G.) mark on the drive motor battery tray to locate the lift table. (Fig. 5) The high-voltage battery pack mass is approximately 1,000 lbs. (450 kg).


F05 Bolt EV battery CG

Fig. 5


Remove all connectors and mounting fasteners (Fig. 6) from the drive motor battery before lowering the lift table. Secure the battery to the lift table with straps.


F06 Bolt EV bolts

Fig. 6


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz

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