Two Fobs Needed for RKE Transmitter Quick Learn on 2017 Models

For 2017 model year vehicles, excluding Acadia Limited, Enclave, Traverse, Express and Savana models, adding a new Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter, or key fob, using the quick learn procedure requires that two previously learned transmitters be present. (Fig. 12)


F12 2 fobs

Fig. 12


TIP: If only one transmitter is present, the procedure will not complete and a Remote Learn Pending message will display on the vehicle’s Driver Information Center. The new transmitter will not be learned and cannot be reprogrammed.


If only one transmitter is available, use SPS to add a new transmitter to the vehicle instead of the quick learn procedure.


On 2016 and earlier model years, only one previously learned transmitter is needed to be present to perform the quick learn procedure.


Programming Additional Transmitters


The Adding Transmitters, also referred to as Adding Keys, programming does not erase any keys. The programming simply adds a key into the next available slot. Up to eight transmitters can be learned to a single vehicle. If a new transmitter is being learned to replace a damaged, inoperative, or stolen transmitter, follow the Replacing Transmitters procedure to ensure that an old transmitter cannot be used.


Before performing the quick learn procedure to add a transmitter, verify all mechanical keys operate correctly.


The quick learn procedure typically requires the two previously learned transmitters to be placed in the vehicle cupholder in the center console (if equipped) or to turn the ignition on/off with both transmitters.


To initiate programming, each new transmitter is placed in the transmitter pocket (Fig. 13), which is located in the center console storage compartment (if equipped) or the new key/transmitter is placed in the ignition switch. The ignition is turned to the ON position (do not crank the engine). The vehicle theft light on the instrument cluster will turn off or the Driver Information Center will indicate the key/transmitter is learned.


Be sure to keep other transmitters at least 12 inches (30 cm) away from the ignition switch or transmitter pocket while learning.


F13 transmitter pocket

(Fig. 13)


Refer to #PIC6208 for additional information on the quick learn procedure for 2017 models.


Refer to the appropriate Service Information for complete details on RKE transmitter programming for each specific GM model.


– Thanks to Chris Crumb

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