Vibration during 6th Gear Deceleration

The 2017 Camaro ZL1 with a manual transmission (RPO MJK) (Fig. 13) may have a vibration condition during deceleration in 6th gear. Drivers may feel the vibration in the floor, seat, console and steering wheel.


Fig. 13


The vibration is most noticeable at speeds from 70 to 60 mph (113 to 97 km/h. Using a Pico scope (CH-51450) will show a vibration at 46 Hz.


The vibration will only be present in 6th gear on deceleration with the clutch pedal not applied. If the clutch pedal is depressed and the condition is not present, the cause may be related to transmission main shaft. A repair is currently being developed. Do not attempt any repairs at this time.


If the clutch pedal is depressed and the vibration condition remains the same or is present in 5th gear during the same speed range, continue with diagnosis following the appropriate Service Information.


– Thanks to Steve Schipansky

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