Hunter Road Force Balancer Now Essential Equipment

The Hunter Road Force Balancer Generation 5 has been classified as essential equipment for all GM dealerships in the U.S. This latest generation of the Hunter Road Force Balancer (Fig. 5) is a critical part of tire/wheel assembly diagnosis.


Fig. 5


GM reviewed the proposal to classify the Hunter Road Force Balancer as essential equipment with many National Service Clubs and GM Dealer Councils, including the Fixed Operations Advisory Board, Fixed Operations Executive Committee, Cadillac National Service Managers, Buick/GMC National Dealer Council, Chevrolet National Dealer Council and the Cadillac National Dealer Council. Many other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have also made the Hunter Road Force Balancer essential equipment.


Based on the feedback and suggestions gathered during these meetings, a roll-out plan was developed to get the Generation 5 Balancer to dealerships. Only dealerships that do not have a Generation 3, 4 or 5 Hunter Road Force Balancer will be shipped a new machine. The Generation 3 and 4 machines currently meet GM specifications, but many of these machines may be up to eight years old.


Roll-out Process


Roll-out of the new equipment will begin with Tier 1, 2 and 3 dealerships, followed by the remaining Tier 4 and 5 dealerships. As part of the roll-out process, Hunter will provide:

• A free site survey to determine locations and site requirements at the dealership.
• Shipment of the machine to the dealership for installation.
• Installation and training at the dealership.
• The Hunter Road Force Balancer Generation 5 offers less maintenance and increased speed over other balancers


Generation 5 Advantages


Generation 5 of the Hunter Road Force Balancer roller mimics how a tire/wheel assembly performs under the load of a vehicle to identify hidden causes of vibration and vehicle pull. (Fig. 6) The machine features inner and outer camera assemblies that use structured light to scan the wheel during spin. (Fig. 7) In addition, Force Matching locates the stiffest area of a tire and the lowest spot on a wheel to be marked and match-mounted to cancel radial-force vibration.


Fig. 6


Fig. 7


The new equipment package includes:

• Hunter Road Force Balancer Generation 5 (RFE13GM)
• Printer
• Overhead Laser / Light
• Wheel Lift
• Basic Hook-up (Excludes 240V and shop air installation)
• Set-Up
• Initial On-site Training
• 3-Year Parts Warranty
• 1-Year Labor Warranty (double the standard of 6 months)


GM has negotiated a special price for the Hunter Road Force Balancer Generation 5 that includes an extended warranty, standard installation, and training for dealership personnel. Dealerships that have a Generation 3 or Generation 4 Hunter Road Force Balancer but would like to upgrade to a Generation 5 model should contact GM Dealer Equipment at 1-844-742-8471 or visit


Tire Changers


Many dealerships currently have a tire changer that meets GM specifications. As a result, a tire changer is not part of the essential equipment shipment with the Hunter Road Force Balancer. However, GM has negotiated special pricing on several tire changer models that meet GM specifications for performing tire bead seating.


The Hunter Road Force Balancer allows dealerships to correct tire vibration concerns in a timely manner in addition to providing other tire services — all while ensuring that every tire/wheel assembly meets or exceeds GM specifications.


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz, Kent Woiak and Peter Joslyn


Updated March 3, 2017

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  1. Only the Hunter Road Force Balancers (GEN 3–5) are GM-approved for Road Force Balancing.

  2. Does GM honor the John Bean balancer RFV2000 as a substitute for Road Force balancing?

  3. The Hunter Road Force Balancer is essential equipment for U.S. dealerships.

  4. Rob Lukinchuk says:

    Is this for U.S. dealers only or does it apply to Canadian dealers as well?