New Websites and Roles for GM Dealer Services and GM Dealer Equipment

Several changes have been made recently to the different programs available to U.S. dealership service departments for GM dealer services, tools and equipment. New roles and new contacts have been put in place that dealerships can use to shop for tools and equipment, download software, order supplies and check GM guidelines.


Here’s a look at the functions of the Dealer Services, Dealer Equipment, and Special Service Tools websites.


Dealer Services is your new source (Fig. 1) for:

• Techline IT Solutions, including business-grad desktop and laptop computer, tablets, other computer hardware, and the GM Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines.
• Warranty Administration, including GM warranty stamps, claims processing service, and management workshops.
• Wurth shop supplies and products
• Office supplies from Office Depot/OfficeMax, including furniture, printers, and technology equipment.


Be sure to check the GM Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines for the latest recommendations from GM before purchasing any computer equipment. Techline applications require specific specifications in order to function properly in the dealership environment.


Fig. 1


Dealer Equipment is the website (Fig. 2) for the GM Dealer Equipment program. Snap-On Business Solutions in the new facilitator of the program, which now offers expanded customer service hours (7 a.m. CST to 7 p.m. CST), an enhanced web portal, and increased program offerings.


The dealer equipment website includes:

• An online catalog of GM-approved equipment; everything ranging from air conditioning service equipment to wheel and tire equipment.
• Green products as part of the GM Green Dealer program, including approved equipment that helps reduce operation costs and improve efficiency.
• Dealer-specific pricing and content


Fig. 2


Special Service Tools


Special tools and essential tools are still available through and administered by Bosch. (Fig. 3) A new feature added to the website is the software downloads function for special tools. Software downloads were previously available from the website.


The special service tools website features:

• Keyword/tool number search function to quickly find tools
• An online catalog of special service tools and essential tools for all GM models
• Monthly tool promotions
• Tool organization solutions, including organization management systems; cabinet, cart and peg-board storage systems; and best practices to follow in the shop.
• Links to software downloads to update a variety of special tools, such as the Active Fuel Injector Tester (AFIT), Pico Scope NVH tool, and others.


Fig. 3


Software Download Process


The process for special tool updates has changed with the move to the special tools website. To access the software downloads, select the download description for the software needed from the Software Downloads list on the home page. A pop-up window will appear with options to Run or Save the .exe file. (Fig. 4) Follow the tool instructions to update the tool software.


Fig. 4


– Thanks to Lisa Scott, Chuck Berecz and Kent Woiak

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