Service Know-How

10217.03V – Emerging Issues

March 9, 2017


The latest service topics from Brand Quality and Engineering are reviewed, including an overview of the new 2018 Equinox (Fig. 12) and diagnostic tips for the high pressure fuel pump on the Duramax diesel engine.


(Fig. 12)


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One Comment

  1. Paul Cargill says:

    Could somebody give some info on the, Manufacturer Enable Counter, that is in the modules now. If the counter is not at 0, then you will not be able to complete the learning procedures. For example I am dealing with an adaptive cruise control module. Unable to complete the learn procedure because the MEC is at 237. I called TAC and one case was found that involved techline. I called techline and was told that the counter had to be at 0, which I knew that from dealing with a Buick Regal with a cruise problem. So my question is, why is there not a program to make the MEC go to 0? Why is a, Manufacturer Enable Counter, needed and at this time of age why is there no program out there to get rid of it? Any info would be greatly appreciated on this problem.