Headlamp Water Intrusion

A no crank condition or dead battery may be found on some 2016-2017 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models. Other possible conditions include unable to SPS program the Engine Control Module (ECM) or the engine stays running with the ignition off. DTC P1682 (Ignition 1 Switch Circuit 2) or P129D (Fuel Pump Driver Control Module Ignition On/Start Switch Circuit Low Voltage) may be set.


While performing diagnostics, voltage may be found on any one of the following underhood electrical center fuses with the ignition off: F26UA, F31UA, F34UA, F39UA, F40UA, or F56UA. These fuses should not have any voltage with the ignition off. This can cause multiple modules to stay awake and lead to a dead battery. These conditions may be intermittent and more apparent during wet weather.


Inspect each headlamp assembly for water intrusion and, if found, disconnect the appropriate headlamp assembly (Fig. 11) and evaluate the condition. Replace the headlamp assembly if necessary. If disconnecting the headlamp assembly does not alleviate the condition, check for water intrusion in the headlamp assembly connections and repair as necessary.


Fig. 11


– Thanks to Kacy McCure

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