Flat/Dinghy Towing 4WD Trucks and SUVs

A Service 4WD message may display on the Driver Information Center and the transfer case may be stuck in Neutral on some 2014-2015 Silverado 4WD, Sierra 4WD; 2015 Tahoe 4WD, Suburban 4WD, Colorado 4WD, Yukon 4WD, Canyon 4WD, and Escalade 4WD models. These conditions may occur when the vehicle is dinghy towed (Fig. 10) or is set up for dinghy towing by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery as outlined in the Owner’s Manual. DTC C0398 (Range Actuator Position – Range Position Correlation) may be set in the Transfer Case Control Module.


Fig. 10


A new software update is available to correct these conditions. If the software has been updated before diagnosis begins, these conditions will not be able to be duplicated. Check for the latest software update before beginning diagnosis.


– Thanks to Steve Schipansky

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