Camaro 1LE Hood Wrap Service

All 2017 Camaro models (V6 and V8) equipped with the 1LE track package (RPO A1X, A1Y) feature a 3M Brand vinyl hood wrap. (Fig. 10)


Fig. 10


All 1LE hood wraps are black (Fig. 11) and are made of a matte finish vinyl material that is applied to the car before it arrives at the dealership.


Fig. 11


The vinyl hood wrap can be damaged if not cared for properly. Common issues are smudges or stains on the matte finish due to fingerprints, improper cleaning practices, or using cleaning products that remain on the hood wrap and create an outline on the vinyl surface. In some cases, there may be small rips or other physical damage to the hood wrap.


If the repairs are covered under warranty, photos of the entire car and damage to the hood wrap should be taken and submitted as a Field Product Report (U.S.) or Product Information Report (Canada).


Cleaning the Hood Wrap


The first step to servicing the hood wrap when any damage is found is to clean the hood. Hand washing is recommended using 3M or Meguiar’s car care products. Immediately rinse the vehicle and dry the hood wrap with a soft squeegee or soft cloth to help restore the graphic’s luster.


A touchless car wash may be used. To avoid water spotting, always drive the vehicle through the drying cycle.


To remove tar, bugs or other debris from the hood wrap, use a commercial cleaner designed for such use. Do not rub vigorously on the matte finish. Immediately wash the hood wrap with a recommended cleaning solution and rinse and dry the hood.


New Hood Wrap


If the damage remains after cleaning and it’s determined a new hood wrap is needed, the 1LE hood wrap decal can be obtained through GM service parts. The same part number applies to hood wraps for both 1LE V6 and V8 models.


It will be necessary to cut the holes in the hood wrap to accommodate the V8 hood vents. (Fig. 12)


Fig. 12


3M Certified Installer


The 1LE hood wrap must be installed by a 3M-certified technician. If your dealership or body shop does not have a 3M certified installer, contact 3M Technical Assistance at 1-800-328-3908 for contact information of a local 3M representative.


– Thanks to Ann Briedis



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