Beep in Background during Lengthy Bluetooth Phone Calls

A faint beep sound may be heard in the background during lengthy Bluetooth phone conversations on some 2016-2017 Equinox and Terrain models equipped with an infotainment system that contains Bluetooth (RPO UHQ; UFU with UP9). The beep sound is only heard by the person on the other end of the call. It is not heard by the person inside the vehicle.


TIP: Infotainment system RPO UHQ contains Bluetooth. (Fig. 6) Infotainment system RPO UFU only contains Bluetooth with RPO UP9 (Bluetooth). UP9 indicates Bluetooth is part of the infotainment system. Without UP9, Bluetooth is part of the OnStar module.


Fig. 6


The beep sound may not be noticed until five or more minutes into a conversation, so it may not heard during shorter calls. The sound starts as an occasional beep and eventually becomes more frequent, occurring about once per second.


This example of the beep sound demonstrates that it is very faint and does not interfere with the conversation. However, it will become more apparent during a pause in the conversation.


TIP: Do not confuse the beep sound with other common sounds used for various phone functions, such as call waiting or text notification.


If this condition is found, evaluate Bluetooth and radio performance to ensure that other conditions are not present. If there are other conditions, continue diagnosis following the appropriate Service Information. If no other conditions are evident, document the type of phone, phone network and the latest phone software version.


GM Engineering is currently evaluating the beeping condition. Do not attempt any repairs or replace any parts at this time.


– Thanks to Jamie Parkhurst



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