Front View Camera Calibration

When replacing a front view camera module (Fig. 5) on 2012-2018 GM models equipped with a front view camera, it’s necessary to reprogram the module as well as perform the calibration process for the front view camera system. The calibration process will not start automatically using the Service Programming System (SPS) and must be initiated with GDS2.


Fig. 5


TIP: Refer to the appropriate Service Information to determine if the front view camera module requires programming and/or calibration.


The front view camera detects visual cues such as lane markings. On a system such as Lane Keep Assist, the front view camera module receives an input from the Lane Keep Assist switch and controls the Lane Keep Assist switch indicator output. The front view camera module also communicates via serial data with the instrument cluster, radio, and memory seat module to request visual, and audible or haptic alerts.


Calibration Conditions


Follow the calibration procedure listed in the appropriate Service Information. The calibration process should be completed within 3–5 minutes when the proper driving conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, the front view camera module will continuously run the service point calibration until the calibration process is successfully completed.


To calibrate the front view camera module, the following conditions must be met:

• Clean windshield
• Avoid lane changes
• Maintain vehicle speed between 35–56 mph (56–90 km/h)
• Ensure the road contains visible references (well defined lane markings, curbs, etc.).
• Camera is properly installed. Verify it is snapped into tabs and secure.


No Calibration


If the front view camera module calibration is not completed successfully, check the following items:


1. Review the Manufacturer’s Enable Counter (MEC) parameter in the Identification Information data list. It must equal zero or the learn procedure will not function. The MEC is the third parameter from the top of the list. If it is not zero after programming, contact the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC).


2. Review the parameter Frontview Camera Learn Mode Status in the GDS2 FCM Data Display to confirm the Learn State value.
• If this parameter shows Not Learned, press the Learn button under Frontview Camera Learn in Config/Reset Functions.
• If this parameter shows Learn Enabled, do not press the Learn button again. The Learn function is already enabled and the vehicle just needs to be driven.
• If this parameter shows Learned, the system is learned and operational.


3. Do not press the Learn button in GDS2 more than once. If the Learn selection button has been pressed, a second button press will cause the FCM Learn function to fail. (Fig. 6) Confirm state of learn by looking at the Frontview Camera Learn Mode Status parameter.


Fig. 6


– Thanks to Bret Raupp 

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