GDS2 Offline Mode in Latest Software Update

GDS2 software updated version 17 was recently released. This update features a major application change that allows GDS2 to operate in Offline mode when an internet connection is not available.


If the PC does not have any network connection, GDS2 will now run in Offline mode, even if the PC is connected to a wireless hub. When no network connection is detected, a message will flash for five seconds stating that GDS2 is in Offline mode. (Fig. 2)


Fig. 2


The current network connection status, indicated by an icon, is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. (Fig. 3)

Possible status connections are:


Fig. 3

Ready to connect
GDS2 is in Online mode and ready to connect to TIS2Web.


Problem connecting
GDS2 is in Online mode but has a problem connecting to TIS2Web.


GDS2 connection mode is unknown. This status is usually seen at application startup and is only briefly displayed.


GDS2 is busy connecting to TIS2Web.


Offline mode
This new icon indicates GDS2 is running in Offline mode.


If RPO questions have not been answered before going offline, they need to be answered manually. If RPO questions are already answered, they will be applied automatically. The connection icon would remain at “Ready to connect” state until the next connection check.


When a network connection is restored, GDS2 will automatically switch to Online mode at the next connection test.


TIP: Once a month, the GDS2 diagnostic package also is updated. It contains updated information on individual vehicle platforms. These updates are available in GDS2 by clicking on the “Update” button or by clicking on “Manage Diagnostic Packages.”


Look for the GDS 2 update when logging into TIS2Web and launching GDS2.


– Thanks to Chris Henley

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  1. GDS 2 is updated with the latest software when logging into TIS2Web and launching the GDS 2 application.

  2. How i can get it ?