Techline Data Service Update

TDS available in TIS2Web for all dealerships

TIS2Web and the Service Programming System (SPS) put vehicle software calibration files within easy reach during programming. They just need to be downloaded from the internet. But what if the files were already downloaded and waiting in your dealership when needed? The Techline Data Service (TDS) does just that, making programming faster and easier, especially for longer infotainment SPS events.


TIP: Techline Data Service (TDS) distribution was completed in June 2016 and TDS has been activated for all GM dealerships. A TDS tab can be found in TIS2Web. (Fig. 1)


Fig. 1


TDS is an enhancement to the way larger vehicle software calibration files are delivered and managed through TIS2Web. Previously, large files, such as infotainment software, were distributed to dealerships via DVD and USB drives, leaving them susceptible to being damaged or misplaced. With TDS, files are simply downloaded once and are available to all through the dealership’s network.


Automatic Downloads


Once TDS is installed and configured in the dealership, files are sent automatically to a dedicated computer during hours designated by the dealership, including during non-business hours or overnight. By having only one computer downloading the large calibration files, it eliminates the need for each PC in the service department to download large files throughout the day and exhaust internet bandwidth. Other Techline PCs in the shop can quickly pull the files from the dedicated computer through the shop’s network when needed. There’s no waiting.


Looking forward, as the size of programming files continue to increase, inevitably so will the wait times to download them through an internet connection during busy business hours. That means valuable repair time could be saved during every programming event if the large files are ready and waiting in the dealership in advance of needing them.


Techline cache DVDs and infotainment DVDs Discontinued


TDS is currently optional for GM dealerships, but it has been designed to take the place of the Techline cache DVDs and infotainment DVDs, which have been discontinued.


SPS calibrations are available over the internet through TIS2Web during the SPS programming event, but the time required for this method depends on your local download speed and network conditions.


Required computer equipment


The PC minimum requirements for TDS are:

• Windows 7 Professional
• A minimum 500 GB free hard drive space and 4 GB RAM.
• The PC should be dedicated and powered on at all times to receive calibration files continuously.
• The PC should be hard wired to the network (wireless is not recommended).
• The PC must be a desktop (recommended) or laptop computer. Servers do not qualify.


In the U.S., visit to purchase a TDS certified computer for your dealership. Review the GM Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines before purchasing a new computer.


In Canada, the Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines are available in GlobalConnect. To locate, click the Support tab (top right); then look under the Category titled: “Dealer Systems & Information Technology.”


Installation Instructions


All GM dealerships currently have TDS activated through TIS2Web. A TDS tab is on the TIS2Web home screen. Following are the quick set-up instructions for installing TDS on one dedicated computer (“server”) and on the Techline PCs in the shop that will be pulling files from the dedicated computer.


Server Installation:

1. Designate one computer in the shop to be the “server” that will download files for all other Techline PCs to use.
2. On the dedicated computer, open the TDS tab in TIS2Web and click “Start TDS Installation.”
3. Use all default settings during installation.
4. While TDS is loading, if a Windows Security Alert appears, check all boxes and allow access.
5. Once installation is complete, a Techline Cache (TLC) Administration window will appear. Write down the value of the TDS Server (Share) option. This will be used during the PC client installation.
6. Close the Techline Cache (TLC) Administration window. Set-up is complete.


PC Client Installation:

1. Start SPS from TIS2Web.
2. While SPS is loading, if a Windows Security Alert appears, check all boxes and allow access.
3. Once SPS is launched, close the SPS window.
4. Click the GM Techline Cache icon, located in the system tray or near the clock on the PC, to open the Techline Cache Administration application.
5. Once the Techline Cache Administration window has opened, verify the TDS Server (Share) value is the same as noted on the “server” computer.
6. If the PC client and “server” computer have the same value, TDS installation is complete.
7. Close the Techline Cache (TLC) Administration window.


For complete installation procedures and operating information, refer to the Techline Data Service User Guide. The guide is available on TIS2Web by clicking the Help icon (question mark) and selecting the User Manual menu of the left side of the Help screen.


– Thanks to Chris Henley


Updated February 8, 2018

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