Top Questions on 2018 Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox is an all-new model for 2018 with a variety of new features that may be unfamiliar to some customers. As a result, customers may bring their vehicle into the dealership for service when a system is actually operating as designed. Here are a few of the top customer questions seen in dealerships recently on the 2018 Equinox.


Why is Lane Keep Assist not functioning?


The customer may be expecting a warning chime when the Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning system is active. However, there is not a warning chime if the system determines the driver is actively steering. The Lane Keep Assist system can be turned on/off using the button on the steering wheel. (Fig. 9)


Fig. 9


Lane Keep Assist will provide steering input to gently turn the steering wheel to help center the vehicle in the traffic lane if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking without using a turn signal in that direction. The Lane Keep Assist icon is green on the instrument cluster if the system is available to assist. The Lane Keep Assist icon will turn amber when the system is providing steering input. (Fig. 10) As the driver actively steers the vehicle, the steering input and amber indicator may not be noticed.


Fig. 10


If the driver does not actively steer the vehicle and crosses the lane marking without using a turn signal in that direction, the Lane Departure Warning will then provide a warning by flashing the amber icon and pulse the Safety Alert Seat or sound a chime/beeps (if selected in the Settings menu).


More information about the operation of the Lane Keep Assist system can be found at


TIP: The Safety Alert Seat settings can be changed using the infortainment system by going to Settings > Vehicle > Collision/Detection Systems > Alert Type. Audible beeps or seat pulsing alerts may be selected.


Why does the engine turn off at a stop?


The 2018 Equinox features Auto Engine Stop/Start to help conserve fuel and provide better fuel economy. The Auto Engine Stop//Start system shuts down the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, referred to as an Auto Stop, if operating conditions are met. To indicate an Auto Stop, the tachomater will read AUTO STOP. The audio system, climate controls and other accessories will continue to operate. The engine will restart upon releasing the brake pedal or applying the accelerator pedal. The tachometer will read OFF when the engine is turned off using the ignition pushbutton. (Fig. 11)


Fig. 11


The engine may not turn off at a stop or may restart if any of the following conditions apply:

• A minimum vehicle speed is not reached.
• The engine or transmission is not at the required operating temperature.
• The outside temperature is not in the required operating range.
• The shift lever is in any gear other than Drive (D).
• The battery charge is low.
• The climate control system requires the engine to run based on the climate control or defog setting.
• The Auto Stop time is greater than two minutes.


Are there new OnStar voice commands?


The OnStar system has been updated for the 2018 model year with a number of new voice commands designed to make the system easier to use. The new commands are shorter and more direct, so users can quickly instruct the system without identifying a menu or topic. Here are some of the most commonly used updated voice commands. (Fig. 12)


Fig. 12


For additional information on the operation of various features of the 2018 Equinox, refer to the Owner’s Manual.


Keyless Keypad Instructions


In addition to customer questions, there may be some questions on the part of technicians as well. One question is how to install the keyless keypad accessory.


The wireless keypad instructions (Fig. 13) can be found in the Accessories manual in the Service Information. Look for document ID #4694211. Contact the Techline Customer Support Center for additional support if needed during installation.


TIP: Do not install the keypad on the vehicle until it has been programmed and verified that it is work correctly with the vehicle.


Fig. 13


– Thanks to Tyler Greenhill



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