DC Fast Charger for EV Charging

The amount of time it takes to fully charge the 2017 Bolt EV with a depleted high voltage battery depends on the type of charger being used. With the 120-volt portable charge cord at the default 8-amp setting, it takes over 50 hours to fully charge the vehicle. Using a 240-volt charging station set at a 16-amp level, the charging time is reduced to approximately 19 hours. But using a DC Fast Charging station on vehicles with the available Fast Charge port, the charging time to achieve 90 EV miles (145 km) is reduced to only about 30 minutes. This fast charge rate makes it more convenient for dealerships to keep Bolt EV models in inventory charged or to quickly recharge a vehicle visiting the dealership. Individual charging times and rates will vary depending on outside temperature and remaining charge.


The EL-52240C DC Fast Charger (Fig. 10) was recently shipped to all Bolt EV-authorized Chevrolet dealerships. The DC Fast Charger can be used on Bolt EV and Spark EV models equipped with the available DC Combo charging port connector.


Fig. 10


EL-52240C DC Fast Charger


The 25kW DC Fast Charger is weatherproof and lightweight, so it can be installed indoors or outside on a wall or on a pedestal. It features an easy-to-use interface with two simple function buttons.


The DC Fast Charger requires a single phase connection that can support 165A continuous current. Installation should only be performed by a licensed electrician.


Two keys are provided that are used to turn off the DC Fast Charger when not in use or after hours. Turn the key to turn the power on or off. Two optional access cards also can be used to restrict access to authorized users only.


A Configuration Tool is available at www.BoschEVSolutions.com that offers advanced configuration options, such as maximum charging time and power limits.


Accessories that are available with the DC Fast Charger include a wall-mounted cable dock (EL-52240-DOCK) that holds the cable and vehicle coupler and a pedestal mount (EL-52240-GNT) that allows the DC Fast Charger to be installed in an open area. (Fig. 11)


Fig. 11


DC Charging


The available SAE J1772 DC Combo charging port (Fig. 12) feeds power directly to the vehicle’s battery to significantly reduce the charging time, which will vary based on outside temperature. The combo charging port is an optional feature (standard in Canada). If the vehicle is not equipped with this charging port, it is not compatible with DC charging.


Fig. 12


The DC Fast Charger will quickly charge a depleted battery to approximately 90% state of charge in about two hours. It will continue to charge the vehicle to 100%, but at a slower rate.


To charge the Bolt EV, unlatch the DC charging dust cover on the charge port in order to plug in the charge cord. Follow the steps on the DC Fast Charger to start charging. The DC plug will be locked and cannot be disconnected while charging is active. The Charge Status indictor on top of the vehicle’s instrument panel, near the windshield, will illuminate green and the horn will chirp when properly connected.


To stop charging at any time, use the controls on the DC Fast Charger or touch the Stop button on the vehicle’s Battery information screen.


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz




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