Viewing Emerging Issues Seminars on the new Center of Learning

The new GM Center of Learning (U.S.) — — offers users a number of ways to find and view training opportunities, including the familiar Emerging Issues seminars that are available online each month.


On the Home page, the new Center of Learning shows helpful information on your learning path, current classes and resources as well as the full online catalog and an easy to use search function.


Service technical users also are provided with more detailed information about their learning paths and progress.


Search and Browse


Search for courses by name, course number or keyword using the Search box. Use the filters on the left to narrow your search results. (Fig. 18) Click the tabs above the search results to view related learning paths and resource support materials.


Fig. 18


Select the Browse Catalog tab to browse the courses in the catalog. Click a category to view a list of courses related to that topic.


View Emerging Issues Seminars


After logging into the Center of Learning:

  • Enter “Emerging Issues” in the search box
  • Select the desired Emerging Issues seminar course title. The courses are listed alphabetically.
  • Click the Launch button


TechTube Videos


To view one of the informative TechTube videos, select the GM TechTube link at the bottom of the Home page. The short videos, which run about 10 minutes or less, offer quick and concise reviews of specific repair procedures.


– Thanks to Mike Sculthorpe

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  1. Kevin Drake says:

    This does not work cannot access any emerging issues this is killing me for my MOE training tech tube doesn’t even work the new COL website needs some serious revamping. Is anybody listening to the techs it needs to be fixed NOW.