New Special Tools Software Update Download Process

Some GM special service tools, such as the Active Fuel Injector Tester (AFIT) and Pico Scope NVH Tool, require occasional software updates in order to ensure the tool functions properly, offers the latest features, and is applicable to new GM models and systems.


The latest software updates for special service tools are available on the Home page of the special service tools website,


There are different download procedures for GM dealerships and aftermarket users.


Software Download


The software should be accessed through GM GlobalConnect from the Service Workbench selection of “Special Tools & Software Updates.” Accessing the software download through the link on GM GlobalConnect enables dealerships to acquire the download at no-charge since payment will be made through essential tools/parts account billing; if applicable.


Go directly to the Software Downloads page on the special service tools website. (Fig. 15) Search for the parent tool number for the hardware, not the software update number. For example, EL-50334-100A (Multimedia Interface Tester hardware), not the software item number, such as EL-50334-SW2. The software item number will not be found via keyword search.


Fig. 15


To download the update, click the software link listed for the hardware and follow the instructions.


Always refer to the Update Instructions found under the list of Support Documents for more information, if available. (Fig. 16) The Update Instructions cover the steps that should be taken before as well as during the update process to avoid any errors and properly update the tool.


Links to the user guides for the tools also are provided.


Fig. 16


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz

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