GR8 Battery Tester/Charger Software Update

The latest software update (EL-50313-40) for the EL-50313 Midtronics GR8 Battery Tester/Charger is now available for download. The software should be accessed through GM GlobalConnect from the Service Workbench selection of “Special Tools & Software Updates.”


The EL-50313 Battery Tester/Charger (Fig. 10) must be used in diagnosing battery replacements and maintaining batteries on new vehicles in dealership inventory. The tool generates a warranty code on a printed slip that captures critical information about the battery’s condition.


Fig. 10


The software release is free for GM dealerships and provides the following updates for the GR8 Battery Tester/Charger:

  • Allow for entry of Isuzu VIN format for medium-duty trucks.
  • Enable 8-digit entry for repair orders.
  • Reduces the maximum battery charge time to 90 minutes. The display on the GR8 will still show an estimated time of up to 3 hours and should be ignored. The tool will print out a short ticket with a maximum estimated time. The results ticket printed out will show the actual test/charge time on the Charge Time line.
  • Previous CCA entry is automatically cleared from memory to prevent an invalid test.
  • The font used for warranty code printouts makes it easier to distinguish between U and V, which has caused some confusion in the past.
  • Some menus have been shortened by removing unused selections.


Software Download


To download the software update from the GM Special Tools website:

  • Go to the Software Downloads menu on the home page
  • Select GR8 Battery Tester Software Update V4.9.5. (Fig. 11)


Fig. 11


The new version of software can be identified on the bottom of the printout slip with the last letter being P. The previous version ended in O.


Example of new printout:

Version: 192-675P


Example of previous printout:

Version: 192-675O


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz and Gary McCraw

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  1. Special Tools and Software Updates -USE THE APP -ONCE YOUR LOGGED INTO GLOBAL-IT LETS YOU GO THROUGH FOR FREE IF YOU ARE A GM DEALER-USE APP –Special Tools and Software Updates

  2. The GR8 software can be updated using the Update option under the Setup menu. The instruction manual is now available on the website. Search for the EL-50313 Battery Tester. The instruction manual is under the Support tab.

  3. Rob Lukinchuk says:

    Is there a link anywhere to GR8 software update instructions?