XT5 and Acadia Electrical Harness Conditions

Some 2017 XT5 and Acadia models may have several intermittent electrical conditions, including inoperative power door locks, inoperative power windows using the driver’s door controls, Retained Accessory Power (RAP) will not turn off the radio when the driver’s door is opened, or the engine will not turn off. There may be several DTCs set.


If these conditions are found, check the following areas on the driver’s side of the vehicle:

  • Missing lower A-pillar body-side plugs. There should be two body plugs, about 1-inch (2.54 cm) in diameter, in the door opening on the body side. Replace any body plugs that are missing.
  • Check that connector X500 of the driver’s door-to-body harness is fully seated on the inside of the lower A-pillar. (Fig. 7) If the connector is not seated properly, check for signs of corrosion. Water may collect in the bottom section of the connector if not fully seated.
  • Remove the interior kick panel on the driver’s side to check connector X200 on the inside of the lower A-pillar for any water intrusion. (Fig. 8)


Fig. 7


Fig. 8


There also may be a water concern with the HVAC drain hose, resulting in wet carpet on the passenger’s side floor. If the drain hose is plugged, water could spill over the splash shield and drip onto the Body Control Module (BCM), which can affect the operation of several electrical components and lead to a number of electrical conditions, such as improperly operating turn signals, flashing hazard lights, and Driver Information Center messages.


Several DTCs also may set if the instrument panel body harness is rubbing on the left side of the steering column at the intermediate shaft connection, damaging the harness. (Fig. 9) Repair the harness as necessary. Move and secure the harness away from the intermediate shaft.


Fig. 9


– Thanks to Tom Burlingame

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