Keyless Entry Keypad Accessory Installation

The new GM Accessories Keyless Entry Keypad, available for several 2018 GM models, provides the convenience of vehicle entry using a keypad mounted on the driver’s door.


The accessory kit includes the keyless entry keypad (Fig. 8), an alcohol wipe and installation instructions. The instructions, Keyless Entry Control Module Package Installation, also can be found in the Accessories manual in the Service Information (e.g. Document ID #4694211 for Equinox, #4639288 for Terrain).


Fig. 8


Keypad Programming


Be sure to follow each step of the instructions to properly program and install the keypad. Programming the keypad requires that you contact the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC).


TIP: Check the parts catalog to confirm the correct kit for the vehicle. Do not install the keypad on the vehicle until it has been programmed and you have verified that it is working correctly with the vehicle.


Before contacting TCSC, some information required for processing must be gathered and sent to TCSC via an email message. In the email, with a subject line of Wireless Keypad Accessory, include:

  • Dealer Code or BAC #,
  • Full VIN of the vehicle
  • Dealership’s name
  • Technician’s name
  • Clear photo of the Keyless Entry Keypad Wallet Card.


You also have the option of scanning the QR code from the wallet card and transferring the file from your device to a PC to include in the email.


Incomplete requests without all required information cannot be processed. Common reasons why a request cannot be completed include that a photo of the wallet card is not included or is blurry or not all needed dealership/VIN information is included.


For your convenience, copy and paste the following template in the body of the email.


Request for Wireless Keypad Accessory Installation


Dealer Code or BAC:

Complete 17-Digit VIN:

Dealership Name:

Technician Name:

Contact Phone Number:


REQUIRED: A clear photo of the wallet card must be attached to this email.



TIP: When taking a photo of the wallet card, be sure that the photo does not have sunlight or flash glare as pictured. (Fig. 9) The glare on the QR code makes the decoding process difficult for TCSC.


Fig. 9


The wallet card must be available in order to complete the request for processing. The wallet card cannot be replaced if it is lost.


Once all required information is received, TCSC will send back a file for programming the keypad using TIS2Web. TIS2Web will now have the “BCM Body Control Module – Accessory only Keypad Learn” option under Supported Controllers.


Once TIS2Web verifies the programming was successful, enter the 5-digit unlock code within 30 seconds. If the driver’s door unlocks, the code was successfully entered. Follow the Keypad User Instructions to verify the functionality of the keypad.


Keypad Alignment


Once the keypad has been programmed, install the keypad on the driver’s door above the door handle. Be sure to reference the appropriate Service Information for proper placement as different vehicles require different locations and measurements. (Fig. 10)


Fig. 10


The keypad has an adhesive backing. Ensure the keypad is aligned properly when placing it on the door. The adhesive will bond quickly to the paint.


TIP: For proper alignment, first align the top edge of the keypad to the referenced masking tape, followed by the right outer edge to the referenced masking tape. Then, toggle the keypad into place.


Contact TCSC and press 1 (GM Accessories) for additional support during installation. If you are having trouble after installing or with programming, press 3 for Service.


– Thanks to John Yadlosky, Keith Bush and Bret Raupp


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  1. How does the customer program their personal code? Are there any instructions for the customer?

  2. The keypad can be installed in another location if desired by the owner.



  4. Jim Lauzon says:

    I have a customer that has misplaced their manual for this accessory. I have contacted TAC and Techline and cannot get the how to reset the code. I do have the master code. is there anyway I could get this information without having to buy open another kit

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