Questions to Ask for Bluetooth Concerns

What’s one of the first things drivers do after entering their vehicle? If you said use their mobile phone, you’re correct. A recent study shows that the average driver spends 3.5 minutes on the phone per one hour trip. This makes understanding how their phone connects to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system and its operation critical to customer satisfaction.


Helpful customer information about the operation of the Bluetooth system and related systems in GM vehicles can be found at the online Owner Center for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac models. The websites provide a variety of information related to vehicle technology and connectivity. Also refer to the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for more information.


If a customer has a concern about using the Bluetooth components, it’s important to explain that the functionality of Bluetooth can vary with each component, software level and service provider. Because of these variables, it’s critical to gather as many details as possible before diagnosing a Bluetooth condition.


If a customer has concerns with a specific Bluetooth device, it will be more helpful to leave the device with the vehicle so that the system can be properly diagnosed.


TIP: If a paired device or infotainment module has recently received an update, the device will need to be deleted from the vehicle list and the vehicle will need to be deleted from the device and a fresh pair performed. (Fig. 8)


Fig 8

Before contacting the GM Technical Assistance Center, answers to the following questions should be gathered.


Customer Questions


  • What is the customer concern?
  • When does the customer concern occur?
  • When did the concern start to occur?
  • Is the concern intermittent or does it happen regularly?
  • Can the customer demonstrate the concern?
  • Where is the exact location of the device when this concern occurs (In a purse on passenger seat, etc.)?
  • What brand and model of device is being used?
  • Which service provider does the customer’s device use? What software version is installed on the device?
  • According to the online Owner Center, (U.S.) or (Canada), should the device be compatible with the vehicle and should the desired feature be supported for the customer’s vehicle and device?


Technician Questions


  • Does the same concern occur in this vehicle when using a known-good device?
  • Does the same concern occur when using the customer’s device in a known-good vehicle?
  • Have any Service Information documents, PIs, and/or Bulletins been performed.
  • Are any aftermarket accessories used in the vehicle?
  • Are any DTCs set in any control modules?
  • What diagnosis has been performed so far?
  • Have any parts been replaced?
  • Is the vehicle equipped with Generation 8 or 9 of the VCIM/OnStar Module? If so, is the vehicle equipped with RPO UPF (OnStar Bluetooth)? How many devices are connected to the vehicle (a maximum of 5 devices are allowed — document them)?
  • What is the RPO of the radio and which software version is installed?


– Thanks to Jamie Parkhurst


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