Common Questions on the New 2018 Terrain

The all-new 2018 GMC Terrain is available with a variety of new features that may be unfamiliar to some customers, who may bring their vehicle into the dealership for service when a system is operating as designed. Be prepared to explain how a particular system operates if your customers ask the following common questions about the new Terrain.


Where can I find more information about all the functions of the new infotainment system?


The next generation of infotainment systems available on the Terrain feature either a 7-inch (178 mm) or 8-inch (203 mm) touchscreen, integrated OnStar features, and personalized, cloud-based user profiles. (Fig. 14) The functionality of the three available systems varies. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is standard on all systems. A number of connectivity features are optional, depending on the system.


Fig. 14


Detailed information and videos can be accessed on the GMC owner website at (in Canada, go to Select the 2018 Terrain using the drop-down menus and select Learn About Your Vehicle.


Can the Navigation SD card be used in another vehicle?


The infotainment systems equipped with available navigation (RPO IOU) and standard navigation (RPO IOT) have the map data stored on a SD card. Each Nav SD card is VIN-specific and RPO-specific and cannot be used in another vehicle. If the card is inserted into the SD card slot of another vehicle, the message “SD CARD ERROR” will be displayed on the infotainment screen.


Why does the hands-free power liftgate only work intermittently?


If the power liftgate is equipped with hands-free operation, the liftgate can be opened or closed by using a straight-ahead kicking motion (not a side-to-side sweeping motion) under the rear bumper. The location of the rear bumper sensor is between the left exhaust pipe and the license plate. (Fig. 15) The key fob must be within 3 feet (1 meter) of the liftgate.


Fig. 15


TIP: The liftgate will fully open when the power liftgate control knob is in the MAX position. It also can be programmed to open to a lower height when the control knob is in the 3/4 position.


For additional information about the hands-free liftgate, review Bulletin #17-NA-153.


Why is Lane Keep Assist not functioning?


The customer may be expecting a warning chime when the Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning system is active. However, there is not a warning chime if the system determines the driver is actively steering.


Lane Keep Assist will provide steering input to gently turn the steering wheel to help center the vehicle in the traffic lane if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking without using a turn signal in that direction. The Lane Keep Assist icon is green on the instrument cluster if the system is available to assist. The Lane Keep Assist icon will turn amber when the system is providing steering input. As the driver actively steers the vehicle, the steering input and amber indicator may not be noticed.


If the driver does not actively steer the vehicle and crosses the lane marking without using a turn signal in that direction, the Lane Departure Warning will then provide a warning by flashing the amber icon and pulse the Safety Alert Seat or sound a chime/beeps (if selected in the Settings menu).


TIP: The Safety Alert Seat settings can be changed by going to Settings > Vehicle > Collision/Detection Systems > Alert Type on the infotainment system. Audible beeps or seat pulsing alerts may be selected.


The Lane Keep Assist system can be turned on/off using the button on the center console. (Fig. 16)


Fig. 16


For additional information about the Lane Keep Assist system, review #PIT5481B.


Why does the engine turn off at a stop?


The Terrain features Stop/Start technology to help conserve fuel and provide better fuel economy. The system shuts down the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, referred to as an Auto Stop, if operating conditions are met. To indicate an Auto Stop, the tachometer will read AUTO STOP. The audio system, climate controls and other accessories will continue to operate. The engine will restart upon releasing the brake pedal or applying the accelerator pedal. The tachometer will read OFF when the engine is turned off using the ignition pushbutton. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


The engine may not turn off at a stop or may restart if any of the following conditions apply:

  • A minimum vehicle speed is not reached.
  • The engine or transmission is not at the required operating temperature.
  • The outside temperature is not in the required operating range.
  • The shift lever is in any gear other than Drive (D).
  • The battery charge is low.
  • The climate control system requires the engine to run based on the climate control or defog setting.
  • The Auto Stop time is greater than two minutes.


Why does the outer window belt molding look out of position?


The outer window belt moldings on some 2018 Terrain models may have poor fit and retention to the doors. (Fig. 18) The original design of the belt moldings did not provide a proper fit to the door surface. If this condition is found, replace the outer window belt moldings with revised moldings that are now available.


For additional information and part numbers, review Bulletin #17-NA-246.


Fig. 18


– Thanks to Kris Villegas

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