New Global Electronic Parts Catalog Release Delivers Better Results

The latest update to the GM Global Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) includes several new features that make it easier and more convenient to search for parts and to quickly find the right parts information. GM dealerships can access the EPC through the GM GlobalConnect Parts Workbench.


Search Results in Main Window


One new feature included in the latest release is a single screen in which to search for a part, view an illustration, and add the part to the shopping list — all within the main content area of the EPC. The search results include the same accurate data, but with the results right in the main EPC screen, it’s easy to quickly change vehicles, VINs, or groups without closing the window.


From the search screen, the search can be refined by using the drop-down menu for the make/year/model & Group information. (Fig. 10, A)


A new search using the same VIN can be performed by selecting the Reset button at the top of the screen. (Fig. 10, B) All previously identified parts and the Noun / Part Number, Group and Without search terms are cleared, but the entered VIN is retained. To remove the VIN, select All Makes from the Within drop-down menu, or enter a new VIN.


Fig. 10


Graphic-Driven Navigation


To search using part illustrations, set the Catalog Navigation Style to “Graphical.” (Fig. 11) With the Graphic-Driven Navigation selected, graphical shortcuts can be used when searching to jump right to a particular location. Navigation can be done manually or with a VIN.


Fig. 11


Flashing “I” Note Icon


When viewing an illustration of a part, any important notes will appear with a yellow paper icon above the illustration. Illustration RPO notes are identified with a plain yellow paper icon. If an illustration has a note other than RPO list items, such as user notes or distributor notes, the yellow paper note will appear with flashing “I” on the note icon. (Fig. 12) Select the icon to view the additional information.


Fig. 12


MyPriceLink® Portal


The latest release also includes a new button above the shopping lists that enables all part numbers to be copied, up to 100 part numbers. (Fig. 13) The copied part numbers can be easily entered into the MyPriceLink portal when pricing parts.


Fig. 13


After entering the necessary MyPriceLink information in the Vehicle and Payer section, click the Part Number section and right-click to paste the copied part numbers. Select the Get Price button and follow the normal procedures to continue in the portal.


Launch ACDelco Catalog from Any Screen


The ACDelco catalog also can now be launched directly from any screen in the EPC. Click the ACDelco icon at the top right of the screen to access the catalog. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


For assistance or technical support on using any features of the Global Electronic Parts Catalog, send an email to or contact the GM EPC Technical Support help desk at 1-888-994-6372.


– Thanks to Mary Daly

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