UPDATE: Loose Charge Air Cooler Ductwork

Loose connections of the charge air cooler ductwork on some 2017-2018 Silverado and Sierra models equipped with the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine (RPO L5P) may result in an illuminated Check Engine light. DTCs P0101, P0299, P0712, P11CC, P11DC, P2002, P2463, P2627, P2A00, P2459, P22B6, P200C, P200E, P0263, P0266, P0269, P0272, P0275, P0278, P0281 and/or P0284 also may be set.


If any of the DTCs are set, check for loose charge air cooler ductwork at the turbocharger outlet pipe, the charge air cooler inlet pipe, the charge air cooler outlet pipe, and the connection at the intake air flow valve (throttle body). (Fig. 13)


Fig. 13


TIP: The loose ductwork is most likely to become disconnected during engine roll or brake torque. Test for leaks using the smoke test procedure in the Charge Air Cooler Diagnosis document (Service Information document ID. #4282009).


Also check for proper alignment of the charge air cooler pipe bracket and bolt hole. (Fig. 14) The bracket and bolt hole may require realignment after the charge air cooler outlet hose is properly connected to the throttle body.


Fig. 14


If DTC P2463 (DPF Soot Accumulation) was not set and a charge air cooler leak or disconnection was found, after repairing charge air cooler connections, command the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration Enable with the scan tool before returning the vehicle to the customer.


The DPF Regeneration Enable will put the vehicle in DPF regeneration mode when the customer gets the vehicle, which will delay any emissions diagnostic codes that can be fouled by high soot in the exhaust until the exhaust is cleaned by the vehicle being driven with an on-road DPF regeneration.


– Thanks to John Stempnik

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