Pop Sound from Front Suspension Area while Making Turns

Some 2015-2018 Escalade, Silverado 1500, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra 1500 and Yukon models may have a clicking, popping, or cracking sound coming from the front suspension or front frame area while the vehicle is making turns. The sound also may be felt in the footwell area.


The sound may be caused by either insufficient torque of the front frame crossmember or lower control arm bolts.


Frame Crossmember


To correct the sound coming from front frame crossmember, loosen and re-torque the four crossmember bolts (Fig. 21) to 70 Nm (52 lb.-ft.) on the first pass, followed by 110 degrees on the final pass.


Fig. 21


Front Lower Control Arm


To correct the sound coming from the front lower control arm, loosen and re-torque the four lower control arm bolts (Fig. 22) to 175 Nm (129 lb.-ft.).


TIP: If the front lower control arms nuts and washers are removed, the directional washers must be installed in the same direction as they were removed.


Fig. 22


When performing the service procedure, document the before and after torque readings on the repair order.


– Thanks to James Will


Updated January 20, 2020

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  1. Steven Bates says:

    On either one of these repairs, should the bolts be replaced? Some manuals are suggesting that!?

  2. The list of models has been updated. Regarding Silverado and Sierra models, it only applies to 1500 models.

  3. direction installation of the bolts cotrol arm shown on this image is wrong for 2015 K2-trucks