2018 Buick Enclave Service Tips

These service procedures on the new 2018 Enclave differ from the previous model year vehicle. Refer to the appropriate Service Information for more details.


Outside Rearview Mirror Fasteners: The fasteners are bolts through the door sheet metal; there are no studs on the mirror base. (Fig. 13)


Fig. 13


Rear Door Upper Reveal Moldings: “Football” clips on the run channel/glass assembly hold the molding in place. Use a trim stick and twist (do not pull straight off) to release the molding or the clips will break. The aluminum upper molding will bend easily if caution is not used.


Roof Rack/Ditch Moldings: Studs through the roof hold on the roof rack. The headliner must be removed to service. Ditch moldings (Fig. 14) are now clipped in and it may be difficult to prevent damaging them during removal. They may require replacement when servicing.


Fig. 14


Front Door Trim Removal: Two screws located at the bottom of the door trim must be removed in order to remove the door trim. (Fig. 15)


Fig. 15


Headliner Material: The robust headliner material is easy to remove by tilting the headliner down on the right-hand side and removing it through the liftgate opening.


Headliner Removal: Remove 1/4 trim on the right-hand side and remove the rear air duct (Fig. 16) to prevent the air duct from breaking the integrated duct work in the headliner.


Fig. 16


Overhead Console: Use care when pulling down the garage door opener (roof console) bezel to prevent damage to the wiring harness connector. Since the harness is glued to the headliner, carefully removing the bezel will prevent damage to the connector. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


One-Piece Glovebox: The one-piece glovebox incorporated into the knee bolster (Fig. 18) means that the console needs to be removed to service the glovebox.


Fig. 18


Steering Wheel Shroud: The steering wheel shroud is incorporated into the cluster trim as a one-piece unit that requires removal of the steering wheel to service.


Driver’s Airbag: Removing the driver’s airbag requires turning the wheel left, right, and then bottom side up to release the spring fasteners (Fig. 19, #3) in order to remove the airbag.


Fig. 19


– Thanks to Sherman Dixon and Steve Bruder


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