EV Battery Service and Depowering Tool Software Update

A software update for the EL-50332 EV Battery Service and Depowering Tool (Fig. 10) is now available through the Service Workbench selection of “Essential Tools – Software Updates” in GM GlobalConnect. The update (EL-50332-370H) includes programming enhancements to increase the upper voltage threshold for the Bolt EV and CT6 battery packs and also adds three global applications to the vehicle menu selections.


Fig. 10


The EL-50332 EV Battery Service and Depowering Tool is used to match the voltage level of a replacement battery section to the existing battery sections following a service event on 2011-2018 Volt; 2014 ELR; 2014-2016 Spark EV; 2017-2018 Bolt EV and CT6 PLUG-IN models.


Software Updates


The EL-50332 tool requires periodic software updates, which are available on the GM Dealer Equipment Website (U.S.). GM dealerships can download the updates free of charge by going through GM GlobalConnect > Service Workbench > GM Essential Tools – Software Updates.


In Canada, go to the Service Department page in GM GlobalConnect and select “GM Special Tools & Equipment – Software Updates” located under the Applications section.


To update the EL-50332 tool when software updates are available, use the Update function found under the Utility menu on the tool. Insert a USB-style flash drive with the updated software into the USB-A port. When performing an update, the tool will first check the inserted USB drive. Next, the version information of the currently loaded software and the new version information found on the USB drive will be displayed on the screen.


The current software version on the tool also can be checked by going to the Tool Info menu and selecting the Version utility. Tool information available in the Version utility includes the software version, EEPROM, version date, tool serial number, and build number. Use the arrow keys to scroll between the screens of version information.


TIP: To view the EL-50322 Instruction Manual, go to the gmtoolsandequipment.com website and select the Software Downloads link. The manual is listed under Support Documents for the EL-50322 tool. (Fig. 11)


Fig. 11


Battery Section Balancing


The EL-50332 tool charges and discharges the replacement battery section through a direct connection to the replacement battery section positive and negative terminals. The replacement section is charged or discharged, as required, based on measured cell group voltage data.


Prior to servicing any High Voltage component or connection, always perform the High Voltage Disabling procedure. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and proper procedures must be followed.


The EL-50332 tool includes a universal fuse box, an interface module and a number of cables. Before beginning the balance procedure, make sure all the external EL-50332 components and cables are properly connected. Refer to the Hybrid/EV Battery Cell Balancing procedure in the appropriate Service Information for complete instructions on connecting the EL-50332 tool. (Fig. 12)


Fig. 12


If any codes appear when starting up the tool, check the following:

  • Make sure the USB memory stick is fully inserted into the tool.
  • Do not hook the machine to the battery section until instructed to do so by the tool.
  • Update the tool software to the latest version available.


Depending on the charge condition of the battery pack and the section being balanced, the balancing process can take up to four hours to perform. A warranty code and pack voltage current data will be displayed at the conclusion of the balancing event. An audible tone will sound at the end of balancing or if there is a fault condition.


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz


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