Coaxial Cable Repair Kit Now Available

GM has implemented a new service strategy using universal coaxial cable repair kits to repair cables used for high frequency signals, such as cellular (OnStar), satellite radio (XM), GPS (navigation, and the AM/FM signal, on 2006-2017 GM models. There are eight individual kits available.


Coaxial cable is used to protect the signal from external interference. It has an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer that is surrounded by a conducting shield.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement cables should be used when the exact cable is available and replaceable. In cases where this is not possible, the service kits should be used. Repairs may require the use of one or more kits.


Service Strategy


When making coaxial cable repairs, it’s not necessary to remove the old coaxial cable from the vehicle. Using the cable repair kits, a new service cable should be routed in the vehicle from point A to point B. Secure the cables using tie straps, electrical tape, or clips with foam tape to prevent possible rattling.


It may be necessary to combine various lengths of cable to create the needed length. Extra cable can be coiled around itself. However, do not bend the cable in more than a 2-inch radius to prevent damage to the cable.


The service cables have a 1-way universal connector on each end. If a different end is needed, use a jumper to connect from the 1-way connector to the proper connector.


If an in-vehicle connector is damaged, it may be possible to replace it with a new service connector housing from one of the service kits. Kits include non-keyed water blue connectors for 1-way and 2-way styles. The 3-way connectors are color coded. If it’s not possible to replace only a connector, run a cable and bypass the non-replaceable connector.


Repair Kits


The following kits are available for service.

TIP: These kits are to be used for antenna coax cables ONLY. They should not be used for any camera coax cable repairs because the connector ends are not sealed and could cause corrosion.


  1. Communication Interface (OnStar) Module Antenna Cable Kit – replaces the cables for carrying a cellular signal or a combined cellular and GPS signal. It is also referred to as the long run cellular kit. It includes four different RG58LL cables in lengths of 18 inches (Fig. 1, A), 3.5 feet (Fig. 1, B), 5 feet (Fig. 1, C) and 7 feet (Fig. 1, D).


Fig. 1


  1. Digital Radio (XM) and Vehicle Locator (GPS) Antenna Coaxial Cable Kit – replaces RG316 or RG174 satellite radio and GPS cables. It is also referred to as the long run XM/GPS kit. It includes three different RG174 cables in lengths of 3.5 feet (Fig. 2, A), 5 feet (Fig. 2, B) and 7 feet (Fig. 2, C).


Fig. 2


  1. Digital Radio (XM), Mobile Telephone (OnStar) and Vehicle Locator (GPS) Antenna Coaxial Cable Kit – used to repair a connector or in conjunction with the long run kits to change the connector ends. It is also referred to as the connections kit. It includes different connectors, housings and jumpers to mate into the connector housings. (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3


  1. Digital Radio (XM), Mobile Telephone (OnStar) and Vehicle Locator (GPS) Antenna Cable – includes one 90 degree adapter cable to be used with any of the long length cable kits. (Fig. 4) Available individually or as part of the Digital Radio (XM), Mobile Telephone (OnStar) and Vehicle Locator (GPS) Antenna Coaxial Cable Kit.


Fig. 4


  1. Communication Interface (OnStar) Module Antenna Cable Kit – includes a 4-inch jumper for the mini-UHF connector used on several OnStar modules before the 2011 model year. (Fig. 5)


Fig. 5


  1. AM/FM Radio Antenna Cable Kit – used to replace the cables for carrying an AM/FM signal. These cables are used to connect between the radio and any AM/FM antenna (mast, glass antenna amplifier, glass antenna module, or roof mounted antenna base). It includes three different RG59 cables in lengths of 3.5 feet (Fig. 6, #1), 5 feet (Fig. 6, #2), and 7 feet (Fig. 6, #3).


Fig. 6


  1. AM/FM/XM Connector Antenna Jumper with Dual Connector – used to connect a single AM/FM coaxial cable to an existing dual connector at the antenna. It includes one 4 inch universal antenna connector adaptor and a universal dual connector body. (Fig. 7) Re-use the factory dual connector body (Fig. 8), or use the water blue universal connector body if the original is not serviceable.


Fig. 7


Fig. 8


  1. AM/FM Radio Antenna Jumper Cable with Tyco Right-Angle Connector – used on 2006-2010 radios; all Acadia, Captiva, Enclave, Express, Savana, and Traverse models with radio RPOs UG4, UGU, UUI, UHU, UJL, UGY, UGX, UI6, UI4, UUI, UI2, UI5, UI7, or UI8; and can be used on additional models with the same connection. It includes a 90-degree adapter cable to be used with any of the long length cable kits. (Fig. 9)


Fig. 9


For additional information and part numbers, refer to Bulletin #17-NA-346.


– Thanks to Matt Bunting


Updated February 5, 2019

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