Super Cruise Freeways Near You

The Super Cruise hands-free driving technology available on the 2018 Cadillac CT6 automatically steers the vehicle to maintain lane position when driving on limited-access freeways.


GM has mapped over 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways for the Super Cruise system using precision LiDAR mapping, which works with in-car cameras, radar sensors and GPS to detect every curve and hill on the road ahead. Some CT6 owners might ask where all of those freeways are. The answer can be found at a new website that provides a searchable map of all the freeways where the Super Cruise system will operate. (Fig. 16)


Super Cruise Freeway Map:

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Fig. 16


When the vehicle is on a limited-access freeway, which is separated from opposing traffic and accessible by entrance and exit ramps only, the driver should look for the white Super Cruise icon, which shows that Super Cruise is available to use.


If the driver tries to activate Super Cruise when not on a limited-access freeway where Super Cruise is available, a message will display in the Driver Information Center stating “Super Cruise unavailable.”


Super Cruise Unavailable


If Super Cruise is not available, and the white Super Cruise icon is not present, while driving on a limited-access freeway over multiple key cycles, check the following:

  • Verify any DTCs
  • Verify that Adaptive Cruise Control is on
  • Verify the Forward Automatic Braking setting is Alert and Brake. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Collision/Detection Systems > Forward Collision System.


If Super Cruise is not available intermittently during a drive cycle, the following operating conditions may be the cause:

  • The vehicle must be centered and stable in the lane to illuminate the Super Cruise available icon.
  • Difficulty tracking lane markings due to missing or poor lane markings, sun glare on the road surface, heavy rain or snow, or sun shining into front camera at dawn/dusk.
  • Lock out message for driver attention state (will be present for entire key cycle)
  • Exceeding Super Cruise speed in corners
  • Exceeding Lane Centering Control (LCC) speed capability (85 mph or 137 km/h set speed)


Warning Escalations


When Super Cruise is engaged, the steering wheel light bar indicates the current system status.


The steering wheel light bar may go from solid green (Super Cruise active and automatically steering the vehicle) to flashing green (system detects driver lack of attention) and then to flashing red (system cannot operate under the current conditions) (Fig. 17) for the following reasons:

  • Sun glare in Driver Attention System camera on top of the steering column, making it difficult to determine the driver attention state.
  • Sun glare on driver’s face or driver squinting can make it difficult to determine the driver’s attention state or incorrectly identify the driver as not being attentive.
  • Objects blocking the driver’s face can obscure the Driver Attention System camera view.
  • Super Cruise will correctly escalate if the driver is looking off road.


Fig. 17


The steering wheel light bar may go from solid green to flashing red under the following conditions:

  • Difficulty tracking lane markings due to missing or poor lane markings, sun glare on the road surface, heavy rain, snow, sun shining into the front camera at dawn/dusk, or exiting from under a bridge/overpass
  • Vehicle in exit lane (0.3 miles or 0.5 km before exit)
  • Freeway ending (0.3 miles or 0.5 km before end)
  • Freeway split (0.3 miles or 0.5 km before end)
  • Adjacent vehicle in close proximity
  • Driving in a tunnel for more than 0.6 miles or 1 km
  • Lanes entering or exiting on both left and right side of the freeway
  • Areas of construction where roadway deviates from mapped road


Super Cruise Control


Under various driving conditions, Super Cruise may reduce or limit vehicle speed to confidently navigate curves. A curved road icon will illuminate on the instrument cluster while in curve speed control if there is no car icon present. Super Cruise also may think a vehicle in an adjacent lane is in the same lane and decelerate the vehicle. When decelerating the vehicle, the car icon will illuminate on the instrument cluster. These are normal operating conditions of the Super Cruise system.


– Thanks to Katul Patel

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