Normal Tailgate Cable Slack

With the tailgate down, one of the tailgate cables may appear to have slack in it on some 1998-2000 Chevrolet C/K Classic, GMC C/K Classic; 1998-2004 S10, Sonoma; 1999-2018 Silverado Sierra; 2002-2013 Avalanche, Escalade EXT; 2004-2012 Colorado, Canyon; and 2015-2018 Colorado and Canyon models. The slack in the cable may lead some owners to perceive that one cable is longer than the other.


Tailgate cables should not be replaced and no repair attempts should be made for this condition. Any warranty claims for this condition may be debited.


The cable slack (Fig. 15) is a normal condition due to build variation and does not affect the operation or reliability of the tailgate. In most cases, the slack in the cable is eliminated when weight is put on the tailgate.


Fig. 15


For additional information, refer to #PIT3227M.


– Thanks to Charles Hensley


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