Transfer Components during New Seat Frame Installation

When replacing the seat cushion frame on any GM model, it’s critical to transfer the necessary parts from the current seat frame to the new frame. Recently, the GM Warranty Parts Center has received several seat cushion frames that still had some critical parts installed on the frames that should have been transferred to the new seat frames. Parts that should be transferred include brackets, adjuster stops (Fig. 11, #3), control modules and sensors, such as the seat heater control module, seat position sensor and seat control module bracket.


In addition to the normal parts that should be transferred to the new seat frame, always check the appropriate Service Information to help determine any unique parts from the current seat frame that should be moved to the new frame or replaced.


Fig. 11


On many models, for example, the current front seat adjuster stops (or seat travel limiters) or the seat brackets may need to be installed on the new seat frame.


Different Adjuster Stops


There are different styles of stops for power adjustable seats (Fig. 12) and manually adjustable seats. (Fig. 13) The frame may need to be adjusted to access the stops.


Fig. 12


Fig. 13


Typically, the manual seat stops are metal clips or brackets (Fig. 14) that are riveted on inboard and outboard lower seat frame channels.


TIP: Any brackets or adjuster stops not moved to the new seat frame when required will need to be ordered separately. These brackets or adjusters are not included with the new seat frame.


Fig. 14


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